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Chapter Letter 1 July to 14 July

Posted on June 28th, 2012 | 0 Comments

Philip Buckler, Dean   Gavin Kirk, Precentor   Mark Hocknull, Chancellor   John Patrick, Subdean

Earlier this week there were crowds of cheering people gathered around the cathedral.  On Wednesday evening they were gathered along the boundary wall of the East Green and again first thing on Thursday morning in Minster Yard outside the West Front.  On that occasion, the crowds were joined by the bishop and cathedral clergy dressed is cassock and gown.  A sign of religious revival?  Not quite. The cause of the gatherings was, of course, the arrival and departure of the Olympic torch.  Of course a cynic may well argue that all the fuss being made about the progress of the Olympic torch around the country is just empty hype. But you can’t whip up such public enthusiasm from nothing. It must be speaking to something within our psyche.  For all the doom laden talk of the fragmentation of our society, perhaps the willingness of the people to gather and support the torch bearers and the fact that the torch bearers themselves have been nominated by members of local communities, is an indication that we do after all have a deep sense of our common identity. Circumstances may conspire to isolate people from one another, but we are hard wired to be social people and to form communities.  At root we are hard wired as human beings to look to the interests of the community beyond our own individual aspirations and to find our own fulfillment in cooperation with others.

Tuesday this week is the feast of St Thomas, absent from the upper room when Jesus appeared to the disciples on the first Easter Day. Have you ever wondered why, if Jesus wanted to see Thomas after his resurrection, he waited for a week until Thomas was with the others back in the upper room? Why not visit Thomas on his own, like he did with the Emmaus pair? Perhaps the answer is something to do with community. It is important that Thomas is part of the community of the Apostles, and it is important that the Emmaus pair return to the community as soon as they recognised Jesus. Once the whole community of the Apostles is gathered and Jesus appears once again, something very important happens. As Thomas recognises Jesus explicitly as God for the first time, with the whole community together, a major step forward in understanding has been made. Their relationship with Jesus, and with God, takes a step forward.

Two timely reminders then of the importance and necessity of community if we as human beings are to flourish and live lives to the full.

Mark Hocknull, Chancellor

The Education Officer writes:  The Chancellor, The Revd Canon Dr Mark Hocknull, will give a talk followed by a discussion on ‘Faith and the Common Good in a Multi-Faith Society’ in the Wren Library on Tuesday

3 July at 7.30 pm.  This is an exploration of the positive contribution that faith makes to society, providing an argument for the reasons education should be part of the core curriculum.  Wine will be served in the Cloister afterwards.  Tickets are £6.75 from the Minster Shop 01522 561644, www.lincolncathedral.com/shop

Christian aid week collection.  Tim and Valerie write: we are delighted with this year’s collection from the Cathedral, which was £340.29.  This has been included in the total from St Mary Magdalene Parish collections of £1,116.31.  Many thanks from the people of Sierra Leone to all of you who gave so generously to help their farming and fishing and give them hope for a better future.

The Precentor will be attending General Synod between 6 and 10 July.  All the representatives at that meeting would value people’s prayers.


Sunday 1 July          Ordination of Deacons, 10.30

Thursday 5 July        Lincoln Diocesan Infant School Day

Friday 6 July             Lincoln Minster School end of term service, 14.30

Saturday 7 July        Lunchtime Concert by Southampton University String Orchestra.  13.10 Chapter House

Saturday 7 July        Concert by Lincolnshire Youth Symphony Orchestra, 19.30  Ticket on sale at the door

Sunday 8 July          Lincolnshire County Council Service of Dedication 15.30  This will replace Evensong

Monday 9 July          Choir Outreach Programme Concert, 13.15

Tuesday 10 July       Exhibition of Photographs by Michael Hughes.  Runs until 21 July.

Tuesday 10 July       Lincoln Mystery Plays commence – runs until 21 July


The Subdean will preach at St Thomas, Boston on Tuesday 3 July at 7.30 pm.  This service marks the 100th Anniversary of the church.


Bible Readings

 Sunday 1 July                                4th Sunday after Trinity

Eucharist                                       Ordination readings

Evensong                                      Jeremiah 11.1-14’ Romans 13.1-10

Sunday 8 July                                5th Sunday after Trinity

Eucharist                                       Ezekiel 2.1-5; 2 Corinthians 12.2-10; Mark 6.1-13

Mattins                                           Deuteronomy 24.10-end; Acts 28.1-16

Evensong 3.30 pm                        Jeremiah 20.1-11a; Romans 14.1-17 COUNTY COUNCIL SERVICE

Sunday 15 July                              6th Sunday after Trinity

Eucharist                                       Amos 7.7-15; Ephesians 1.3-14; Mark 6.14-29

Mattins                                           Deuteronomy 28.1-14; Acts 28.17-end

Evensong                                      Job 4.1; 5.6-end ; Romans 15.14-29

Sunday 22 July                              Mary Magdalene

Eucharist                                       Song of Solomon 3.1-4; 2 Corinthians 5.14-17; John 20.1-2, 11-18

Mattins                                           1 Samuel 16.14-end; Luke 8.1-3

Evensong                                       Zephaniah 3, 14-end; Mark 15.40-16.7

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