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The Lincoln Cathedral Foundation USA

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Because of American roots in Lincoln, we would love for US citizens to embrace as their own some of our restoration projects.

We invite you to join us. You can find more by following the LINK.

IRS for 501 (c) 3 status has been granted. Follow this link to the Lincoln Cathedral Foundation website

You can give now

If you wish to give with the benefit of 501 (c) 3 tax deduction, please e-mail: lincolncathedralusa@gmail.com

Some background

Lincoln Cathedral, perhaps uniquely among English Cathedrals, has many important links with the United States of America.

Magna Carta is very important to us and we planned a tour in the US in 2014 leading up to the 800th Anniversary in 2015.

We greatly value the patronage of the Prince of Wales for our Fabric Fund with its task of conserving this great building, which truly comes alive with music from our world class choir. The choir visited the United States in 2014.

The US Foundation

The Lincoln Cathedral Foundation has been formed to build on these links and to encourage educational and other opportunities for mutual support. In particular:

(a)        To advance the educational purposes of Lincoln Cathedral by promoting its 1215 Exemplar Magna Carta, Gothic Romanesque history, the medieval architecture, restoration works department, manuscript collection of the Medieval Library, book collection in the Christopher Wren Library, and promoting the exchange of visiting choirs;

(b)        To promote and establish educational opportunities and exchange programs for U.S. educational institutions in Lincoln England;

(c)        To promote the educational and charitable purposes of the Lincoln Cathedral and promote cultural awareness of the city of Lincoln, England as a center for medieval architecture and liturgical music, language and literature; and

(d)       To promote the bonds between Lincoln England and the U.S. arising out of the early colonisation of the U.S. from the Lincoln area.


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