Eastertide is for me one of those funny seasons where we are taken to the edge of what we know, and shown that there is more to see.  As a child we quite often used to drive out to the hills where you could look out into the distance – either out over Poole Harbour or, driving a bit further north, across the vast expanse of Black More Vale.  I have encountered some similar views on my travels around the Wolds of Lincolnshire, and across toward the Peak District.  The fascinating thing about those views was that, even on the clearest of days, things started to get a bit fuzzy as the distance increased.  Looking out over vast distances, one could not be but impressed by the vast grandeur of the landscape – but one could not see all the detail. So as one sat on a hillside amidst great beauty, one looked out over a wider landscape that drew one into a sense of great wonder.

For me, that is what happens at Easter. We see, in immense detail, the personal journey of Jesus to the Cross and into the tomb.  But with the empty tomb of Easter Day our view is radically changed.  Rather than looking at the beauty directly in front of us (the things we can see up close and understand in detail), our view is suddenly transferred to a much greater landscape – we are shaken to see things so differently, and on a much broader scale.  From looking at the love (and pain of the Cross), we are drawn to see that there is an entirely new and wonderful world that is often hidden by our own focus on the things that are close to us.  So whilst we are absorbed by seeing things in our own time-bound and very earthly way, the resurrection draws us beyond what we can see to acknowledge that love takes us beyond the immediate.  Love opens up this much greater vista – one of wonder, and one that we cannot possibly see (let alone understand) in all its detail.

Encountering this new world – the world beyond our immediate sight – is something that we do in our worship.  In our music, in the poetry of the words we say, in the beauty of a building hallowed by prayer, we are drawn beyond ourselves to the edge of something different.  It may be that we cannot put this into words (perhaps evens should not dare to put it into words!), but in the grandeur of nature and in the beauty of worship, we must open ourselves to the possibility that our view might suddenly shift – we might momentarily glimpse something of heaven, and in that moment find ourselves looking into the very presence of God.


Worship & Mission

Weekly service schedule
The service sheet for the coming fortnight can be viewed on the cathedral website (click link to visit)

Special services during Eastertide
Sat 14 May: St Mathias
12.30pm – Sung Eucharist, BCP (Choral Scholars)
5.30pm – Solemn Evensong (Lay Vicars and Youth Choir)

Thurs 26 May: Ascension Day
7am – Early morning Eucharist, followed by breakfast
5.30pm Solemn Evensong (Choristers and Lay Vicars) Celebrating the Queen’s Platinum Jubilee and the Feast of Pentecost

Thurs 2 June: Official Birthday of HM Queen Elizabeth II
5.30pm Choral Evensong (Choir of Melbourne Parish Church)

Sunday 5 June: Pentecost
10.30am – Festal Eucharist (Choristers and Lay Vicars)
3.45pm – Festal Evensong to celebrate the Queen’s Platinum Jubilee (Choristers and Lay Vicars)

Meets next on Monday 9 May at 8.40am.
Future dates: 13 June, 11 July

Sacred Space
Sunday 22 May, 7pm
Sacred Space is a gentle and reflective service with time to wonder, the opportunity to use all your senses to explore faith and the chance to experience the unique and serene atmosphere of the Cathedral as the day draws to a close. It is led by the Revd Canon David Dadswell.


Lincoln Cycle Grand prix
Please note that the Rapha Lincoln Grand Prix is taking place on Sunday 8 May, and there will be a number of road closures around the city.
Full details of the road closures can be found at: http://www.lincolngrandprix.co.uk/site/spectator-info/event-road-closures

Summer bible study – 1 Peter
During the Fifteenth Lambeth Conference, 26 July – 8 August 2022, Anglican leaders are being encouraged to share in the study of 1 Peter, from the New Testament. The Cathedral will be holding a short five-week study group led by the Chancellor, at which we will reflect together on our reading of both a chapter of the epistle ascribed to Peter and the reflections in the Lambeth study guide, and also on the work of the Anglican Communion in light of the Lambeth Conference.
A study guide is available from the Cathedral Shop for £14.99. Venue to be confirmed. Further details to follow in the next Chapter Letter.

Choir congratulations!
Congratulations to Sam, who was made a cope boy (a full chorister) during Evensong on Tuesday 26 April and then sang one of the big solos for trebles (Love one another with a pure heart by S.S.Wesley) later in the same service!

Congratulations also to all involved in the broadcast on BBC Radio 3 on Wednesday at 4pm (repeated on Sunday 1 May at 3pm) which included our lay vicars, choral scholars and some members of our youth choir.
Finally, congratulations to Stella Radic, one of our alto choral scholars, who is graduating in Drama at the University of Lincoln graduation ceremony Tuesday 3 May. We can continue to enjoy her performances in the cathedral for the next 18 months

Book group
The Chancellor is hosting a book group for members of the congregations, looking at issues of Christian theology, life and spirituality. Meetings will be on alternate months. The first two at 10.30-11.30 on Saturday mornings in the Wickham Reading Room.
16 July, Being Human, by Rowan Williams (SPCK 2018)
10 September, Like there’s no Tomorrow, by Frances Ward (Sacristy Press 2020)

Social Theology and the Common Good
7 June, 6.30pm (Following Evensong at 5.30pm)
Lincoln Cathedral is arranging a series of lectures exploring Catholic Social Teaching and Anglican Social Theology, as part of a “Lincoln Cathedral Common Good Project”.

The lecture series is organised in partnership with Together for the Common Good, Caritas in the Diocese of Nottingham, Bishop Grosseteste University, and Lincoln Theology Network.

The first lecture is on 7 June – “Just Responsibility?” – How can social theology help us play our part in spiritual and civic renewal? An Introductory Lecture exploring the purpose of the series, by Jenny Sinclair, founder director of Together for the Common Good. (https://togetherforthecommongood.co.uk)

Tickets £5, will be available online (with booking fee, £5.28), or can be bought at the event.

Further information about the series will follow shortly.


Suffolk Singers Lunchtime Recital
Saturday 7 May, 1.10pm
Suffolk Singers will be giving a varied recital of anthems and sacred songs sung a cappella and ranging from Early music by Byrd and Weelkes, through works by classical composers such as Mendelssohn, Clara Schumann and Stanford, to modern composers including Tavener, Pärt, MacMillan and Hogan.

The Hunchback of Notre Dame
Monday 23 May – Saturday 4 June
The Starring Lincoln Theatre Company return to Lincoln cathedral with a performance of the well-known Disney adaptation of The Hunchback of Notre Dame.

Lincoln Cathedral Flower Festival: Vision
Thursday 4 – Monday 8 August
The Lincoln Cathedral Flower Festival will celebrate 950 years of Lincoln Cathedral, and the visionaries who had the inspiration to build such a wonderful building and those who followed, changing our lives throughout history.

Flower Festival Musical Meander
Friday 5 August
Enjoy a feast for all the senses with the Lincoln Flower Festival Musical Meander – a magical musical accompaniment to the beautiful floral displays in the inspiring surroundings of Lincoln Cathedral.

For full details of events, and to book tickets, please visit https://lincolncathedral.com/forthcoming-events/

Bible Readings

Sunday 1 May
Third Sunday of Easter

Acts 9. 1-6 [7-20]
Revelation 1. 4-8
John 20. 19-end

Evening Prayer
Isaiah 38. 9-20
John 11. [17-26] 27-44


Sunday 8 May
Fourth Sunday of Easter

Acts 9. 36-end
Revelation 7. 9-end
John 10. 22-30

Evening Prayer
Isaiah 63. 7-14
Luke 24. 36-49


Sunday 15 May
Fifth Sunday of Easter

Acts 11. 1-18
Revelation 21. 1-6

Evening Prayer
Daniel 6. [1-5], 6-23
Mark 15. 46-16. 8