Christine Wilson, Dean    John Patrick, Subdean    Philippa White, Succentor

There is something very powerful about the beauty of silence. We live in a world where we are bombarded by noise: in towns and cities there is the constant hum of traffic, sirens and car horns; in our homes the distractions of radio and television, cooking and water running; even when we seek to get away from it all we have our smart phones with their ring tones, music and notifications. It’s hard to get away.

In the story of The Transfiguration Jesus has left the busyness of the city and the crowd to go away to a quiet place with Peter, James and John. There on the top of the mountain, a place of stillness and silence they became aware of the presence of God in a most powerful and intimate way –when they see Jesus with Moses and Elijah.

In August many of us seek to get away with friends and family to enjoy each other’s company, to renew friendships and the bonds of love and affection. We can do that through exploration and activity, meals together and discovering new places. But we can also do it through the beauty of silence, of resting in each other’s love and knowing that we are loved through the grace of God.

Drop thy still dews of quietness,
till all our strivings cease;
take from our souls the strain and stress,
and let our ordered lives confess
the beauty of thy peace.

John Patrick, Subdean

Visiting Choirs will sing at the following services: Sunday 6th August services, sung by Schola Aquae Sulis. Monday 7th and Saturday 12th August, Evensong, sung by Ensemble Bleu and also services on Sunday 13th August. Monday 14th August, Evensong, sung by RSCM. Wednesday 16th August, Evensong, at 15.30, will be sung by the Millennium Youth Choir and broadcast by BBC Radio 3. Sunday 20th August services, sung by RSCM. Monday 21st August, Evensong and Sunday 27th August services, sung by The Cathedral Chamber Choir.

Jekyll and Hyde: The Musical – Tuesday 22 August – Friday 1 September, 7pm in the Nave. When the Cathedral announced the follow up production to Jesus Christ Superstar was to be Jekyll and Hyde, more than a few eyebrows were raised. It was a bold choice perhaps, but absolutely in keeping with the Cathedral’s Christian purpose. Jekyll’s division of himself has a great deal in common with the apostle Paul’s description of the split in his own personality which Paul believes is common to us all. We have limited tickets available – please visit for further details and tickets. Tickets start from £22 per person.

Hallé – Saturday 9 September 2017, 7pm in the Nave. Lincoln Cathedral’s previous Organ Scholar Ryan Wigglesworth will be returning to the Cathedral to conduct the Hallé Orchestra. There will be striking solo performances from Sophie Bevan and a programme which is certain to be stunning. The Orchestra will perform Strauss: Four Last Song and Bruckner; Symphony No. 9. Tickets are priced from £12 per person. For further information and tickets please visit

Handel’s Messiah Saturday – 25 November 2017, 7pm in the Nave. The Lincoln Cathedral Choir are returning with their performance of this incredible piece of music, accompanied by the Lincoln Chamber Orchestra in the Nave of the Cathedral. The acoustics in the Nave are perfect for such a performance where one of the most famous pieces of choral music, the Hallelujah Chorus, will shine. For further information and tickets please visit Tickets are priced from £18 per person.

Bible Readings

Sunday 6 August    Transfiguration of Our Lord
Sung Eucharist   Daniel 7.9-10, 13-14;  2 Peter 1.16-19;  Luke 9.28-36
Mattins   I Kings 19.1-16;  John 3.1-31
Evensong   Exodus 34.29-end, 2 Corinthians 3

Sunday 13 August    9th Sunday after Trinity
Sung Eucharist   1 Kings 19.9-18;  Romans 10.5-15;  Matthew 14.22-33
Mattins   Song of Solomon 8.5-7;  2 Peter 3.8-13
Evensong   1 Kings 11.41 – 12.20;  Acts 14.8-20

Sunday 20 August    10th Sunday after Trinity
Sung Eucharist   Isaiah 56.1, 6-8;  Romans 11.1-2a, 29-32;  Matthew 1; 21-28
Mattins   Jonah 1;  2 Peter 3.14-end
Evensong   2 Kings 4.1-37;  Acts 16.1-15