Lincoln Cathedral is hosting a series of lectures over 2022 and 2023 on the theme of social theology – how God calls us to engage with the world, in terms of economy, work, nature, freedom, social peace, politics and civic life.

The lectures will draw on the Catholic Social Teaching and Anglican social theology to explore how the Christian tradition can be a blessing to public life and discourse. The series will form a part of the Lincoln Cathedral Common Good Project, shaping the cathedral’s civic and social engagement over the coming years.

A leaflet is available from the Cathedral with more details about the lecture series, and group sessions to explore common good in the Bible.
You can also download the leaflet here – Theology Lecture Series Leaflet

Just Responsibility?

The first lecture took place on 7 June, 2022, and you can watch it in full below.

Jenny Sinclair is founder director of Together for the Common Good, which calls and resources people to fulfil their civic vocation by putting common good principles into practice. T4GC partners across the churches and draws inspiration from Catholic social Teaching, a body intended as “a gift to all people of goodwill.”


You can listen to the audio version of the lecture here:


You can also read a transcript of the lecture here – Jenny Sinclair – Just Responsibility 7 June 2022

Just voting?

The second lecture took place on 12 July, 2022.

On political participation and civic life. By Maurice Glasman.

Baron Glasman is an English political theorist, academic, social commentator, and Labour life peer in the House of lords. He is professor of Politics at St Mary’s University, and also director of The Common Good Foundation, which is involved in local community organising work in Grimsby.

You can listen to an audio version of the lecture here:

Just Being?

The third lecture took place on 27 September, 2022

On the dignity and divine calling of the human person. Can people be who they truly are in the modern world? By Edward Hadas.

Edward Hadas is a Fellow at Blackfriars Hall, Oxford, a freelance journalist and author working on moral economics and finance. his latest book is Councils of Imperfection: Thinking through Catholic Social Teaching


You can watch a video of the lecture here:


You can listen to an audio version of the lecture here:

You can read a transcript of the lecture here – Edward Hadas – Just Being 27 September 2022

Just Church?

The fourth lecture took place on 18 October 2022.

How does Catholic Social Teaching fit with the mission of the Church of England? What is the Anglican legacy for the common good, and how might it become a church for England? By Malcolm Brown

The Revd Canon Dr Malcolm Brown is the Director of Faith and Public Life for the church of England and Visiting Professor, Religion and theology at the University of Winchester.



You can watch a video of the lecture here:


You can listen to an audio version of the lecture here:


Together for the Common Good (, a partner in this series, is supported for its work in this lecture series by CCLA, one of the UK’s largest charity fund managers.