Until we can welcome school groups back to the Cathedral, we are pleased to offer exciting curriculum-linked digital learning.  

This includes a themed PowerPoint tour and live Q & A session with your class/es.  £30 per session

There are three different Themes for you to choose from: 

Lincoln: A Cathedral City 

This tour is ideal for Key Stage 1 & 2 pupils studying their local area, particularly as a starting point to the topic. It covers why people visit the Cathedral, a brief history of the City going back to Roman times, significant people and of course, the famous Lincoln Imp story. 


Christian Signs & Symbols 

For classes studying the Locally Agreed Syllabus for RE this tour will bring to life how the Cathedral demonstrates faith as a Christian place of worship. Pupils will discover the hidden meanings within the walls of the Cathedral, through the colours and clothing worn by clergy and through the work of artisans carving Christian symbolism into every corner of this magnificent building.  


Time Detectives  

For KS2 pupils studying history, this tour will use some of the artefacts found in recent archaeological digs around the Cathedral to look at historical evidence. Why was the Cathedral built? Why was it built here opposite Lincoln Castle? What evidence do we have of war and kings, and treasures that were lost? Pupils will be invited to look for clues and discuss these at the end of the tour. 

The session will last up to 1.5 hours. Available from 9.45am to 2.45pm (flexible). We can adapt tours to suit your learning outcomes. For more details or to book this service, please contact: sally.bleasdale@lincolncathedral.com 


Teacher of St Peter in Eastgate: “This brought real-life and local relevance to my teaching. The children have gone home talking about it, no doubt inspiring parents to revisit at the earliest opportunity and further build on the children’s experiences, knowledge and understanding.”

“With children necessarily sitting throughout, rather than physically exploring, I had worried they would fidget and lose interest. I need not have been concerned as the never-ending hands up for the Q & A session at the end was testament to! A very professional and KS1 appropriate resource.”

Teacher of Tattershall Primary school: “Thank you for leading that workshop – the children enjoyed it very much. I hope we can visit Lincoln Cathedral in the not-too-distant future to see these artefacts in-person!”

“The pupils gained a sense of chronology regarding local historical sites, the significance and story behind various artefacts and an appreciation for Lincoln Cathedral”

Teacher of St Peter at Gowts: “The session leader (Sally) was able to adapt the session to the age of the pupils (5/6 yrs) and they were able to stay focused and engaged – which can be hard with this age group when they are not able to physically participate (e.g. holding resources). The pupils reported after the session that it was interesting and they had lots of questions”.

Teacher of Humphrey Perkins: “I have been guiding groups of Year 7 students around Lincoln Cathedral for 15 years and the talk has given me more details to use in my next tour which was fantastic!”

“Sally was a really knowledgeable and passionate speaker and really inspired our students. The resources created for the session were of a really high quality and the technical side worked perfectly. Our students found the session really interesting and this was evidenced by the huge number of questions they asked Sally.

Pupil of Humphrey Perkins: I thought the talk was very engaging and interesting. It was an amazing experience for everyone and it really encouraged me to visit Lincoln myself to see the cathedral