We do ask school parties to follow some simple terms and conditions for their visit. When booking a visit, please sign the declaration at the end of the booking form to say that you have read and will comply with these terms and conditions.

Appropriate Behaviour

On entering the Cathedral through the west door, children should be reminded that this is a place of Christian worship.

Children should be told to be well-behaved and made aware that people may be praying, or there may be a service going on.

Brass or stone rubbing is not allowed.

We request no eating, drinking or chewing gum within the Cathedral or the Library.


Parties must be accompanied by the legally required number of responsible adults at all times. EYFS – one adult to every 4 children; Key Stage 1 – one adult to 6 children; Key Stage 2 – one adult to 8 children; Key Stages 3 and 4 – one adult to 10 children; Key Stage 5 – one adult to every 10 children, unless agreed otherwise in advance.

Bus Drop-Off and Pick-Up Point

The official coach drop-off and pick-up point is at the junction of Northgate and Nettleham Road with Eastgate by the Lincoln Hotel. For location details, please see the Parking Map page.



In the case of late arrival, it is essential to phone 01522 561600. Guides will not usually wait for longer than 20 minutes.

For large groups booking a tour with a Cathedral guide, please divide your party into groups of 15 to a maximum of 20 on arrival.

The teacher in charge of the visit is responsible for reporting the correct number of children attending each day to the staff at the entry desk for payment or invoicing.

Risk Assessment

A Health & Safety risk assessment for school visits can be downloaded by clicking here.

Cancellations Owing To Cathedral Use

Cathedral activities can affect your visit:

– building works, cleaning, organ tuning, or organ practice may take place at the time of your visit.

– unforeseen circumstances may lead to our having to cancel or postpone visits at short notice, e.g. because of a funeral service.

If it is necessary for the Cathedral to change your booking, we will contact you and arrange another date.

We realise that this may be inconvenient; all we can do is apologise and hope you will re-book.

Useful Information

Given the age of the building some of the flagstones are uneven so sensible footwear should be worn.  There are heavy doors within the Cathedral and care should be taken when opening them especially in windy conditions.

It is often colder in the Cathedral than outside. It is advisable to wear warm clothing and sensible shoes.  Precautions should be taken where candles are lit.  Care should be taken on steps and ramps.

Please note that the Cathedral Library is upstairs on the first floor, and at present there is no disabled access.