At the north-east corner of the cloister you will find the Cathedral’s two historic libraries.

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The 15th Century Medieval Library

The 15th century Medieval Library was originally built as a chained library and housed the Cathedral’s collection of early handwritten manuscripts. Although mostly theological in nature to suit the needs of scholars and the Cathedral clergy at the time, there are also treasures such as Chaucer’s Canterbury Tales and the Thornton Manuscript.



The 17th Century Wren Library

The 17th century Wren Library contains approximately half of the Cathedral’s early printed books, many of which belonged to Dean Michael Honywood who paid for the building and design of the library. The collection includes 120 “incunabula” or, books printed before 1501. Honywood’s eclectic interests are reflected in the subjects of his books: history, geography, travel, science, nature, literature and even beauty tips for ladies are among the subjects covered. A selection of manuscripts and early printed books is on display throughout the open season.


Preserving our treasures

As custodians of the library and its collections our role is not only to preserve them for future generations but also to make them more accessible to researchers and visitors alike.  Extended exhibition opening hours and the provision of an online catalogue are helping to bring the library to the attention of a wider audience.  The library has two small reading rooms, one in Exchequergate Arch opposite the main entrance to the Cathedral and the other in the relatively modern 1914 library extension built adjoining the Wren Library.

A team of enthusiastic volunteers act as stewards, welcoming and informing visitors, while behind the scenes others help with cataloguing and indexing.  A team of Arts Society members help to record, check, clean and repair the books and a continuing programme of book conservation assures their survival for the future.  Environmental conditions in all library rooms are carefully monitored and an automatic computerised system in the Wren library helps to ensure that relative humidity levels, which if too high or too low can be damaging to the books, are kept within the correct parameters.


“Lincoln Cathedral Library: the story so far”

Front cover

Although the Cathedral has not always had a library, it has always had books.  This guide follows the story of how, from small beginnings, the collection grew, leading to the building of a chained library in the early 15th century and then 250 years later to the building of the Wren Library, paid for by our greatest benefactor Dean Michael Honywood.  It also highlights some of the library’s many treasures. The guide has 72 pages and is fully illustrated. It costs £6-99 and is available to buy from the Cathedral Shop.

Opening Times

The Medieval Library is now open again until the end of October.  Entry to the library is included in the Cathedral entry price. A selection of medieval manuscripts is on display.

Opening times: Monday to Saturday 11am -3pm.

Due to essential maintenance work, the Wren library will remain closed. As a result, privately booked tours of the libraries are not available at this time. Thank you for your patience as we work to get both libraries open as soon as possible.

What do our visitors say about us?

Matthew from Cambridge: “One of the most beautiful collections and rooms I have seen”

David from Leeds: “A fabulous library and a wonderful half-hour well spent. Thank you”

Kevin from Cardiff: “How unexpected a joy to find this additional treasure within the Cathedral precincts – and a great welcome”

Ania from Portugal: “Amazing library!”

Eva from Prague: “Wonderful library and great guides. Thank you”


The Cathedral’s two reading rooms are open to researchers on Mondays and Tuesdays throughout the year.  Due to limited space, booking in advance is essential.  To book, please contact the Librarian on 01522 561640 or email

The Cathedral’s catalogue of books is available online.