The first phase of work to Exchequergate Arch has been completed and the scaffolding removed on the side facing the Cathedral.

The stonework has been cleaned and fully repointed, and some new stones have been inserted where individual stones were badly decayed.

The cleaning isn’t just cosmetic, although we are delighted with the appearance, but removed pollutant film and crust which causes gradual deterioration of the stone. The repointing has not only put mortar back into joints where it was missing but has removed hard grey cement mortar which was causing rapid deterioration of the stone.

Each stone on the building has been assessed by the masons, conservators and professional advisors and where anomalies exist, such as the 19th century use of sandstone, these have been retained.

We look forward to the next phase of work which includes cleaning inside the arches and the introduction of lights which will enable the carved bosses to be more easily seen and enjoyed.

It is expected that the scaffolding on the Castle Square side of the arch will be removed in mid-October.