The Bishop’s Council of Diocesan Trustees and all of us engaged in the senior leadership of the Diocese are committed to Racial Justice. To mark this, we shall be honouring and celebrating Racial Justice Sunday as an annual Diocesan event from now on.

Racial Justice Sunday is for all churches to reflect on the importance of racial justice, to give thanks for the gifts and beauty of human diversity, and to commit to end racism and acts of discrimination. It is, however, more than an annual reminder of the Church’s commitment to the task of anti-racism. In the words of Richard Reddie from Churches Together in Britain and Ireland, the event represents “a call for Christians to engage in the righteous struggle for racial justice because racial justice is everyone’s business”.

We look forward to our coming together in prayerful worship, solemn reflection, and joyful celebration of the difference and diversity of our diocesan family. We will look to confront the six ‘pervading evils’ of prejudice, silence, ignorance, fear, hypocrisy, and power, all which prevent our churches from being places where all are truly welcome and stifle our growth in Christian discipleship.

The day will be marked with Evensong, to be held at Lincoln Cathedral on Sunday 12th February. I warmly invite you and any member of your parish team who you would like to bring, to this service of reflection and celebration. To help us with catering, please book your place and anyone else you wish to bring here. If you have any questions or problems using the booking platform, please contact or the switchboard on 01522 504050.

The service will begin at 3.45pm after which you are warmly invited to experience generous hospitality in the Chapter House, to sustain you on your journey home.