Running for the whole of January in the Chapter House at Lincoln Cathedral. This exhibition is free with your usual admission to the Cathedral.

Lincoln Cathedral Artist in Residence Exhibition

Revd Matthew Askey is an Anglican priest, artist, exhibition curator, and art educator.

From May to December 2019, he worked with visitors, volunteers and members of the congregations at Lincoln Cathedral, helping them to explore Biblical characters with whom we can relate our own life story.

The exhibition of his works, entitled ‘Our Sacred Journey: People of the Bible’ challenges us to reconsider our lives as a sacred journey, a pilgrimage, and to recognise ourselves as being holy and special to God.

The Bible is full of people who are exploring every shade of life’s ups-and-downs. Many of its stories and characters can inspire us to recognise God at work in our own lives, and encourage us to see our life as part of this bigger story of humankind; in all its awe, wonder, and sometimes in its humour.

This exhibition shows the results of a process of exploring Bible characters and reflecting on our life journey as special to God – we are invited to recognise that we too are on a sacred journey, a journey of belief and of faith.