This Association links all those who worship or volunteer on a regular basis at Lincoln Cathedral.

Our constitution says that the Association is established to strengthen the life, worship and work of the Cathedral and to promote its mission in the Diocese of Lincoln. It does this through organising social events and coffee after the Sunday 9.30 Eucharist, publishing In House and encouraging people to give money and time to the Cathedral. Most of the money given goes to the Corporate Body of the Cathedral while 25% goes to various charities and also contributes to our mission to the Diocese.

News of our activities can be found on the notice board in the Cathedral nave and in the Community Area of the website (see below).

Anyone whose name is entered on the Community Roll – this means your name is in the Cathedral Directory which has now been adopted as the Community Roll – is entitled to attend and vote at the Association’s annual meeting. You can obtain forms to get you name added to the Roll from the Chapter Office: or 01522 561601.

To download the most recent edition of the LCCA newsletter InHouse please click here.