Join us at Lincoln Cathedral on Friday 18 February 2022 as Helen Sharman CMG OBE, the first British person in space hosts an unforgettable evening talk beneath Luke Jerram’s Museum of the Moon.

A pioneer, role model and inspirational speaker, Helen will take us on a journey through her experiences – from recruitment and training through to the time she spent in space and her return to Earth.

Helen enthuses her audience about Space, STEM and the wonders of science. She describes the meticulous training and preparation, learning Russian, the launch and landing, how weightlessness feels, her science experiments, the team spirit, and adjusting to life back on Earth.

The event is one of a series to coincide with the Museum of the Moon, which will be on display in the nave of the Cathedral from 7 to 27 February 2022. Luke Jerram’s stunning installation measures seven metres in diameter and features 120dpi detailed NASA imagery of the lunar surface.

Other events in the series will be announced shortly – please keep an eye on the Cathedral’s social media channels for more information.

‘An Evening with Helen Sharman’ will take place on Friday 18 February 2022 at 7.30pm in Lincoln Cathedral. Tickets to the event cost £35 and are now on sale by clicking this link.