North West Turret

The main focus of our masonry work at present is the North West Turret. We are now into the third year of a five year project to restore both turrets, which frame the West Front of the Cathedral.

We are currently working on the screen wall and the blind tracery that connects the North West tower to the North West Turret. The masons will spend a second winter working stone in the workshop for the lower levels (lift five down to the ground), for fixing on site in the spring. There remains fourteen months on the project.

North West Transept East Clerestory Roofing

The roofing work on the North West Transept East Elevation is a three year project in three phases.

We are currently on the second phase, where the organ pipes have been removed and stored in the first phase of the roof work due to their proximity to the working area.

The lead workers and joiners have prepared the site and made it watertight and internal hoardings at Triforium level have been put in place to keep pigeons and dust out of the Cathedral.

The Architect has looked at the valley beam, which has more rot than initially evident, so the joiners are looking in to how to support it. In addition repairs to the wall plate have been made some of the rafters will need replacing.