Journeys of Faith – take a modern pilgrimage across Lincolnshire to Lincoln Cathedral

Throughout history, people of all religions and faiths have set off on pilgrimages to various places of worship, including Lincoln Cathedral. These pilgrimages not only involved an outward physical expedition, but also an inner spiritual journey as participants searched for meaning and purpose.

Inspired by those early pilgrimages, Journeys of Faith is a set of three pilgrimages facilitated by the National Lottery funded Lincoln Cathedral Connected project to celebrate social justice and religious freedom. Journeys of Faith guides people through three separate routes across Lincolnshire to the Cathedral, each offering the opportunity to think and talk about spiritual issues and reflect on life itself.

The Journeys of Faith guidebooks are available to purchase from the Cathedral shop, or online by following the links below:
Click here to purchase the Louth guidebook
Click here to purchase the Epworth guidebook