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Gracie the Swan Beanie Baby


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The white swan emblem of St. Hugh, is a reference to the story of the swan of Stow which had a deep and lasting friendship with the saint, even guarding him while he slept.  The swan would follow him about, and was his constant companion while he was at Lincoln.  Hugh loved all the animals in the monastery gardens, especially a wild swan that would eat from his hand and follow him about and yet the swan would attack anyone else who came near Hugh.

Gracie the Swan is an elegant, white swan with shining eyes, a long, curved neck and bright orange beak and flippers.  At 15cm, Gracie is the perfect size for little ones to carry with them or for Beanie Babies fans to add to their collection.  With her soft, high-quality material body, Gracie the Swan is a delight to cuddle and love.  A best friend for animal lovers 3 and over.

Not suitable for children under 36 months


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