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Choral Music From Lincoln Cathedral


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1. Magnificat in A (Herbert Sumsion)  (4:30)
2. Nunc Dimittis in A (Herbert Sumsion)  (3:26)
3. I Will Lay Me Down And Take My Rest (Whitely Singleton)  (3:11)
4. Grieve Not The Holy Spirit Of God (W. R. Pasfield)  (3:13)
5. Introit “Ave Regina Caelorum” From Introit And Litanie (David J. Fisher)  (2:38)
6. Out Of The Deep (Thomas Morley)  (4:57)
7. Psalm 101: My Song Shall Be Of Mercy And Judgement (Lincoln Minster Chant Book)  (2:39)
8. Exsurge Domine (William Byrd)  (3:49)
9. Firmly I Believe And Truly (Phillip Marshall)  (3:52)
10. Take Him, Earth, For Cherishing (Herbert Howells)  (8:48)
11. They That Go Down To The Sea In Ships (Herbert Sumsion)  (6:07)
12. Psalm 150: O Praise God in His Holiness (Lincoln Minster Chant Book)  (2:33)

Total Running Time 49:43

Recorded in Lincoln Cathedral in 1982

Lincoln Cathedral Choir
Directed by Phillip Marshall
Organ by Roger Bryan


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