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Handmade Feather Quill


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This quill has been hand made by skilled Scriveners as part of the Heritage Skills Festival which took place in Lincoln Cathedral earlier this year. This particular type of Quill is made with a Goose Pointer feather. Each of these quills is totally unique and no two will be identical!

The Worshipful Company of Scriveners is one of the 110 livery companies of the City of London. It is one of the few livery companies that from its foundation to the present day has been influential in setting the standards for a living profession, namely that of Scrivener Notary. Historically, Scrivener Notaries were the only Notaries Public permitted to practise in the City of London, the Liberties of Westminster, The Borough (Southwark), and other places within three miles from the City. In 1801, Parliament passed the Public Notaries Act that confirmed this status.

The process of making this quill is as follows:
The quill is tempered up to the bottom of the barbs in hot sand until it starts to go opaque and whilst still not it is easy to start a cut along the base to form a trough; once it cools the quill becomes hard. The second cut is to make the nib and this can be re-shaped many times to get to the requirements of the user and finally a fine slit is cut into the middle of the tip. The inner part of the feather is clean and the barbs are removed with a sharp knife and the quill is then smoothed with the same knife. The nib can be re-cut and shaped many times until the hollow part of the quill is no more.


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