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Journeys of Faith Guidebook: A Pilgrimage From Louth to Lincoln


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Pilgrimage is enjoying a great resurgence and is more popular than at any time since the Reformation.  To make a pilgrimage was often a once in a lifetime event in search of meaning and purpose, often culminating as the pilgrim finally stepped across the threshold at a shrine or other sacred place.  The Journeys of Faith series of pilgrimages from Epworth, Louth and Navenby to Lincoln Cathedral provide an opportunity to walk in the steps of Ancient pilgrims.

Beginning at St. James’ Church in Louth, the pilgrimage is split into 3 stages with a total distance of 52 miles.  The route calls at many churches and provides information on the buildings and the communities they serve, as well as help and information on local transport.

At the back of the book is the Pilgrim Passport; on each church noticeboard along the way is a Journeys of Faith logo with a Hymn number to record.  Once all the hymn numbers have been collected and the pilgrimage completed, you will receive an embossed Journeys of Faith Stamp at Lincoln Cathedral

Published by Heritage Lincolnshire.  Designed to slip easily into a pocket the book is a spiral bound paperback with 86 pages.


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