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The Game With No Name


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In this fast-moving medieval and Tudor game each of two players, on the roll of two four-sided dice, tries to land on, and capture, their opponent’s men, as they chase each other around the board.

This game has only recently been identified as a Medieval and Tudor game in Europe, when the similarity of a mysterious engraving on a barrel-top from Henry VIII’s warship the Mary Rose to games known from Scandinavia and North Africa was noticed. This discovery supported a previous suggestion that the game was present in medieval England, based on a thirteenth century manuscript from Cerne Abbey in Dorset. Subsequently, other finds, including that of a board from medieval Novgorod, in Russia, have added to the evidence for the history of this game.

Gothic Green Oak began making historic board games in 2005; some well known and many much less well known.  Their focus was largely on European games, though some have their origins further afield, and some have spread beyond Europe to the rest of the world.


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