Provide, Protect, Preserve‘ is an urgent recovery appeal to secure the future of what you love most about Lincoln Cathedral, amid the myriad of challenges that have arisen out of the COVID-19 pandemic.

COVID-19 has taken a significant toll on the pattern of worship, but also on visitors numbers that provide a significant proportion of the unrestricted income which supports the Cathedral’s ongoing operation. It is unlikely that there will be a return fully to how things were in the near future. As a result, the Cathedral has had to take difficult steps to ensure the survival of its purpose and financial viability. We need to raise £1.5 million to stabilise the Cathedral’s finances, and ensure we can keep the doors open.

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Why we need your help

As a charity, unrestricted funds are incredibly important, as they support every aspect of the Cathedral’s activities – including conservation and music. Our heritage, traditions and people are under threat today more than ever before. This is why we need your help to try and raise £1.5 million in order to minimise the negative impact of the COVID-19 pandemic, and help the Cathedral to:

  • Provide a sacred space for welcome, hospitality and spiritual nurture, that meets the needs of the community as we all continue to live with the reality of COVID-19.
  • Protect as much of Lincoln Cathedral’s tradition of choral and musical excellence during a time when the arts are under threat more than ever.
  • Preserve the precious built heritage we have in the Cathedral, and the craftspeople, and professionals whose passion and skill we rely on to sustain the building.
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The impact so far
  • £768,972 of lost income from April 1 to July 31 – including sources such as visitors admissions, events, donations and commercial activity in the Shop and Refectory. These activities account for approximately 41% of all unrestricted income received by the Cathedral. With ongoing uncertainty and footfall still well below the expected levels, this number continues to grow.
  • £671,000 deficit growth in the planned Fabric maintenance programme – the conservation work to the building has slowed to a near stop, drastically increasing the conservation deficit. In the midst of this, the building continues to degrade, and additional areas are being set-aside as out of bounds because of the danger of stone-falls.
  • The new Old Deanery Visitors Centre opening delayed – this new facility which was built to both tell the story of the Cathedral as well as improve its ongoing financial viability, but which we are now without until early summer 2021, along with the planned increase in footfall and income that the opening was expected to generate.
  • Significant cost reductions – the Cathedral has drastically cut costs and is having to take difficult decisions regarding its workforce, leading to a wealth of knowledge, skill and experience being lost. This is not just a loss to the Cathedral and the individuals impacted today, but also into the future, as the expertise is lost to other organisations, or to a different field of work.
  • Investment income down – income from endowments and restricted funds that support the running of the Cathedral have shrunk by about one third as the investments have been hit.
  • Maximising use of Government and COVID-19 support funding sources – many of the fixed costs have remained consistent, but the Cathedral has made use of Government schemes wherever it is able to qualify, but this has not been enough to ensure the viability of the organisation.
Please give what you can in support of this appeal today!

Every pound you are able to donate in support of this appeal, means the greater hope Lincoln Cathedral has of being able to deliver the aims of ‘Provide, Protect, Preserve’. These aims are integral to the history and story and purpose of this building, meaning that we can continue to work on conservation of the fabric, that we don’t loose our choir as other Cathedrals have during this pandemic, that we can continue to be a beacon to the community; that the doors can be kept open to continue to joyfully proclaim the love of God.

Wherever your passion for Lincoln Cathedral is focused, we urgently need your help to secure that future today.

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