This Saturday, 5 June, Lincoln Cathedral is holding a special service entitled ‘Songs of Sorrow, Songs of Hope’

The service, which takes place at 5.30pm in the Nave of Lincoln Cathedral, is a sequence of music and readings at a time of change, and is offered for those who have been afflicted or bereaved by coronavirus. All are welcome to attend.

During the course of the past year, many in our communities have been deeply affected by the difficulties and challenges of adapting to life lived in a different way.  As a result, there have been increased strains on many people’s mental health.

In recognition both of the time we have come through and the power that music has to heal, the Lay Vicars of Lincoln Cathedral choir are singing a series of anthems written in the 17th century by one of Lincoln’s most famous musicians – William Byrd.

This service, which will feature a sequence of five of Byrd’s Sacred Songs and readings that reflect on healing and hope, provides an opportunity to reflect on the journey we have travelled as a community, to look forward with hope, and to acknowledge the cost that many have suffered during this time.

Aware that, for many, there remain real challenges, any money donated at the end of the service will be used to support local charities and groups working to support people develop and maintain better mental health.

Songs of Sorrow, Songs of Hope: A Sequence of Music and Readings at a time of change takes place at Lincoln Cathedral on Saturday 5 June, at 5.30pm.