For the next three weeks, Lincoln Cathedral’s reduced admission offer of £5 will include Sundays.

The principle of free Sundays is dearly held and this is a short term solution to help maintain staff and visitor safety and to help our visitor services team manage unexpected peaks in visitor numbers.

The pattern of visitors to the Cathedral at the moment is exceptional; as with many other attractions, it is not following the usual expected patterns and we have responded to ensure that we can continue to provide an excellent, enjoyable and safe environment for everyone that visits.

The comfort and wellbeing of all visitors to the building, our staff and volunteers is of paramount importance.

The decision brings Sundays in line with the rest of the week, which will help us to provide adequate staffing levels and minimise peaks in visitor numbers, without having to limit the overall number of people that can enter the Cathedral.

Lincoln Cathedral is in the unique position of being both a place of worship and a tourist attraction and we daily balance these two important roles. This temporary measure will not have any effect on those coming to the Cathedral to take part in worship – that remains free as it always has and always will. Everyone is welcome to enter the Cathedral to light a candle or pray at any time as well as taking part in services.

The current admission offer is £5 for adults and free for children under 16. Normal admissions charges will resume on Monday 7 September and free admission on Sundays will resume from 13 September.