Love singing? So do we!

Being a Cathedral Chorister is a great opportunity. It’s a once in a lifetime chance to be part of a world-class choir.

What will you get from being a Chorister.
  • Meet new friends!
  • Sing concerts and services regularly, sometimes in front of thousands!
  • International tours
  • Make recordings and sing on TV and Radio
  • Free weekly singing lessons
  • £600 towards instrumental lessons on one instrument of your choice
  • Free music theory lessons in groups
  • Amazing care and choral training from a world-class music staff
  • Choristers will be transported free of charge by the Cathedral both from morning rehearsals to school and then back again in the afternoon if required.
  • Choristers can now remain (so long as distance is within a reasonable commute for morning rehearsals and evensong) at their own school, or a school of their choosing, while also being in the Cathedral Choir.
  • Pocket money!
“Being a chorister gives you a sense of accomplishment. And you get to do what you like all the time – singing!” – Emily Zehetmayr, Former Chorister