By The Revd Canon John Patrick, Subdean of Lincoln

On first arriving at Lincoln as Subdean some eight years ago, I was somewhat bemused by the custom of reading from the Lincoln Obit Book every evening. However, as the years have rolled by I have grown to love and appreciate this practice for a number of reasons.

First, it reminds us of those who have, in many diverse ways, contributed to the life of the Cathedral and the furtherance of God’s Mission over many centuries; secondly, the reading of the names reminds us that we are here but for a moment in time – we can but hope and pray that our contribution now is worthy of God’s calling; thirdly, and following on from this, however important we may feel ourselves to be at this moment in time it is but for a fleeting moment: we are dust and to dust we shall return; and finally, the Obit Book brings home a real sense of the Communion of Saints: the reassuring message that we are all one, that there is a spiritual union of the living and the dead.

During this present time I am going to communicate the names to be read out during the week, please join in if you wish so that together we can remember those who have in years past played their part in our cathedral’s life and praying that we may do our best now.

Cathedral and Foundation Prayers at Evensong

We pray, as at evensong every day, for David our Bishop, for bishops Nicholas and Christopher, and for our diocese of Lincoln, particularly today for (please see below or refer to Diocesan Website for Prayer Cycle for the Diocese of Lincoln and the Anglican Communion).

We pray for the life and ministry of the cathedral, and on this day in the month for… (see below for monthly cycle names)

We pray, too, for the members of this cathedral foundation of the Blessed Virgin Mary of Lincoln, both living and departed.
Among those who have died on this day in years past we pray for… (See below for obit names – those with an * by their names have their mortal remains buried in the cathedral).

And we use the prayer laid down by St. Hugh for the daily use of his canons:

Almighty and eternal God,
you are Lord of both the living and the dead,
and have pity on all those whom you know will be yours
in faith and works:
we humbly beseech you,
that those for whom we have determined to offer our prayers,
whether the present age yet holds them in the flesh
or the age to come has already received them out of the body,

may, of your merciful goodness,
come to pardon of all their sins
and so be held worthy of eternal joys:

through our Lord who lives and reigns with you
In the unity of the Holy Spirit,
God for ever and ever. Amen.

The grace of our Lord Jesus Christ,
and the love of God,
and the fellowship of the Holy Spirit
be with us all evermore. Amen.

Friday 29 May
(Diocesan cycle)
The Woodhall Spa Group – Woodhall Spa, Kirkstead, Langton w Old Woodhall, Bucknall w Tupholme, Horsington, Stixwould: In Vacancy
We pray for the work of the Ministry team across the churches as we maintain communications during the vacancy.

(Monthly cycle)
Parishes of which the Chapter are patrons.

(Obit names)
Thomas Rotherham: Prebendary of Welton Brinkhall; Bishop of Lincoln; and later Archbishop of York, d.1500

Saturday 30 May
(Diocesan cycle)
Wragby w Panton, Langton by Wragby, Rand w Goltho, Holton cum Beckering, Snelland, Wickenby: Revd Mark Holden
We pray for our communities, and for a greater sense of becoming the presence of Christ outside our buildings, in all we are and will be.

(Monthly cycle)
Living benefactors (Company of St. Hugh)

(Obit names)
Richard of Ravenser: Prebendary of Welton Brinkhall; Archdeacon of Lincoln; and sometime Provost of Beverley, d.1386
Cyril Theodore Henry Dams: Succentor and Rector of St Mary Magdalene; and later Precentor of Westminster Abbey, d. 1973

Sunday 31 May
(Diocesan cycle)
Power, Wisdom, Peace, Gifts, Fruit – We pray that the Holy Spirit will fill our church

(Monthly cycle)
Departed benefactors

(Obit names)
Angelo Acciaioli: Prebendary of Leighton Bosard; Cardinal Bishop of Ostia: and sometime Regent of Naples, d.1407
Nicholas Byldeston: Prebendary of Bedford Major; sometime Vicar General of the Archdiocese of Rouen, d. 1441
Edward Dunkerton: 56 years Lay Vicar at Lincoln, d. 1928
John Pacey Cheales: Prebendary of St. Mary Crackpool; Vicar of Friskney for 40 years, d. 1948
Arthur Henry Morris: Prebendary of Corringham and Lafford; sometime Rector of Skegness, d. 1966
Bob Hellowell: Glazier; and for 15 years Lay Clerk of Lincoln, d. 1994

Monday 1 June
(Diocesan cycle)
The Deanery of Lafford. The Revd Philip Johnson, Rural Dean; Trevor Bush, Lay Chair.
Pray for wisdom in the development of a new deanery plan and a strategic vision for ministry and mission the other side of lockdown.

(Monthly cycle)
Visitor of the Cathedral, David Court, Acting Bishop of Lincoln

(Obit names)
Thomas Sapperton: Servant Esquire to treasurer Welbourne, d. 1370*

Tuesday 2 June
(Diocesan cycle)
The Billingborough Group – Aslackby, Billingborough, Dowsby, Horbling, Sempringham w Pointon – Revd Neil Knox
Pray for our parishes and deanery as we seek to discern God’s calling to us in ministry and mission for the future.
Diocesan Risk Management Committee

(Monthly cycle)
Dean and Residentiary Canons

(Obit names)
No one is remembered by name today, therefore we offer our prayers for those who have given their lives in the building and conservation of this Cathedral Church. Known not by us but welcomed by name into God’s eternal kingdom.

Wednesday 3 June
(Diocesan cycle)
The Diocesan Agenda Planning Committee Meeting
Diocesan Agenda Planning Committee
Stow & Lindsey AMPC

(Monthly cycle)

(Obit names)
John Aylmer: Prebendary of Corringham; Archdeacon of Lincoln; and later Bishop of London, d. 1594
Norman Mend: Prebendary of Langford Ecclesia; and Canon of Salisbury, d. 1766
William Fowler: Prebendary of Welton Brinkhall: and Headmaster of Lincoln School, d.1923
Edmund Akenhead: Prebendary of Clifton; successively Vicar of Scunthorpe and St. Martin’s, Lincoln, d. 1931

Thursday 4 June
(Diocesan cycle)
The Digby Group -Ashby de la Launde, Bloxholme, Rowston, Dorrington, Scopwick, Kirkby Green – Revd Mark Kennard

(Monthly cycle)
Bishops Suffragan     [David Court]; Nicholas Chamberlain
Archdeacons              Mark Steadman; Justine Allain Chapman; Gavin Kirk

(Obit names)
No one is remembered by name today, therefore we offer our prayers for those who have given their lives in the building and conservation of this Cathedral Church. Known not by us but welcomed by name into God’s eternal kingdom.

Friday 5 June
(Diocesan cycle)
The Heckington and Helpringham Group – Asgardby, Burton Pedwardine, Hale magna w Hale Parva, Heckington w Howell, Helpringham, Scredington, Swaton – Revd Chris Harrington

We pray that the services we put out on Heckington Living Community Radio each week will glorify the Name of Jesus, encourage your people, and stir the hearts of those who are seeking or who as yet don’t know You but may be listening.

Diocesan Advisory Committee

(Monthly cycle)
Cathedral Council (Chair, Tony Little)
College of Canons

(Obit names)
Brian Higden: Prebendary of Aylesbury: and Subdean on Lincoln, d.1539
Richard Bevercotes: Receiver-General of the Cathedral of Lincoln, d.1546*

Saturday 6 June
(Diocesan cycle)
Kirkby Laythorpe – Revd Val Greene

We pray for our communities, and for a greater sense of becoming the presence of Christ outside our buildings, in all we are and will be.

(Monthly cycle)
Priest Vicars: Peter Green; Hugh Jones
Readers: John Davies; Veronica Edwards
Duty Chaplains: Ann Mazur (co-ordinator)
Assistant Curate: Rachel Revely

(Obit names)
William Wittlesey: Prebendary of Bedford Major; and later Archbishop of Canterbury, d.1374
Edmund Castle: Prebendary of Aylesbury; sometime Public Orator in the University of Cambridge, d.1750
George Reynolds: Prebendary of Brampton; Archdeacon of Lincoln and Subdean concurrently, d.1769
Eric Symes Abbott: Prebendary of Sanctae Crucis; Warden of Lincoln Theological College: Dean of King’s College, London; Dean of Westminster, d.1983
Kathleen Hornby: Domestic Bursar, Edward King House, d.1979*