“To sing is to pray twice” St Augustine of Hippo



The Lincoln Cathedral Music Fund was formed with a specific purpose in mind – to raise enough money to be able to provide an endowment to ensure the high level of musical excellence long into the future.

From events small to large, as well as promoting the music of Lincoln Cathedral throughout the county of Lincolnshire and beyond, the Lincoln Cathedral Music Fund is instrumental in ensuring that the Cathedral continues to echo to the sound of choral music as it has for more than 900 years.

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Sustaining Cathedral Music

The Music Department & Musical Excellence


Choristerships provide young people with the opportunity to sing and grow as musicians under the guidance of the experienced and caring staff of the Lincoln Cathedral Music Department, led by Aric Prentice, our Director of Music. Since September 2016, the opportunity to become a Chorister at Lincoln Cathedral has been widened. The choir is now made up of youngsters (20 boys and 20 girls) from a variety of schools across the city and beyond, all of the young choristers are there because of their ability and desire to sing, and not because of a parent’s ability to pay school fees. 

The cost of providing a choristership includes the following:

  • Voice tuition
  • Instrumental lessons on their preferred instrument
  • Chorister pocket money
  • Transport between schools and Cathedral


If you are passionate about helping to promote a love of music and all the benefits it brings to young people, then making a donation towards a choristership is the perfect way for you to direct your support. With donation opportunities from £1 upwards, choristerships are always a popular choice.

To find out more about choristerships and to support, please click here!

Choral Scholarships

Each year, Lincoln Cathedral takes on a small number of Choral Scholars. These young adults are far more advanced in their musical training, but come to the Cathedral in order to develop and grow their skills in church music, as well as develop themselves as truly fabulous musicians with a bright future. With donation opportunities from £1 upwards, supporting choral scholarships is an ideal way to support a developing young musician.


Organ Pipe Adoption

Adopting a pipe is a fabulous way to support the Music Fund and know that your donation is going towards the conservation of the organ. Ideal as gifts for music lovers, or to commemorate a special or family occasion, we have a pipe for you!

To find out more about organ pipe adoptions and to support, please click here.

Leaving a gift in your Will

For many people, leaving a gift in their Will is the ideal way for them to show their support for causes that have meaning for them after providing for family and friends. By leaving a gift in your Will to the Lincoln Cathedral Music Fund, you too could help future generations be inspired by Lincoln Cathedral.

How much should I leave?

Legacy gifts are always a personal expression so it’s completely up to you, and gifts of any size are always gratefully received. The simplest way to leave a gift is as a residuary share of your estate. This way, the value and intent of your gift is maintained as the years go by from the time of writing your Will, to when the gift is finally given.

If you choose to leave 10% of your estate to charities (including the Lincoln Cathedral Music Fund), you will also pay a reduced rate of inheritance tax (currently 36% rather than 40%) on your entire estate above the threshold. This makes charitable giving though your Will far more tax efficient.

Suggested Wording

It is always best to consult a legal professional to ensure your Will is sound, however you may wish to consider the following wording should you wish to include Lincoln Cathedral in your Will. Your solicitor should be able to assist with wording, but two examples can be found below:

  • I leave the Lincoln Cathedral Music Fund ______% of the residue of my estate to be used at their discretion. The receipt of the appropriate authority shall be good discharge for my executors.
  • I leave the Lincoln Cathedral Music Fund the sum of £______ to be used at their discretion. The receipt of the appropriate authority shall be good discharge for my executors.

The Lincoln Cathedral Music Fund is a registered charity in England and Wales, charity registration number: 1033089
Registered address: 4 Priorygate, Lincoln, LN2 1PL.

Contact Us

Should you wish to speak to someone about supporting the Music Fund, please contact Matthew Tarling, the Fundraising Manager on 01522 561614, or by email to matthew.tarling@lincolncathedral.com

Thank you for your support