Heritage helps us all to understand more about the places and peoples of our city’s past. We need your help to undertake this next significant phase of heritage conservation work to Lincoln Cathedral, which is focused on the stunning Chapter House. As a thank you to you for your support, we will write your name onto a document that will be constructed into one of the pinnacles when it is reconstructed in the final stages of the project. The project will take approximately three years and cost in excess of £1.3million to complete.

‘We will write out the names of supporters and seal them inside a capsule within the stonework for future generations to discover.’

What is the Chapter House?

Begun in the 1220s for meetings of the Cathedral’s Chapter (the Cathedral’s governing body), the Chapter House has played an important role in the life of the Cathedral. Over the years the Chapter House has also three times played host to Parliament. Today, this glorious vaulted building is used for the annual gathering of the College of Canons as well as a variety of special events such as concerts and dinners.

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Above: the Chapter House at Lincoln Cathedral

What work needs to be done?

Over the next three years, and coming to a total of around £1.3 million, the Cathedral’s team of heritage craftspeople will:

  • work to conserve and replace where necessary through cleaning and repointing
  • carve and replace ashlars (the plain blocks) as well as detailed carving of the Lincoln Cathedral’s Chapter House external walls, flyers and gutter
  • research and replacement of carved embellishment around the parapet and upper orders
  • undertake cleaning and remediation works to the glazing
  • conserve of the woodwork to the doorways

Much of the work that needs to be undertaken on the Chapter House is the result of the natural environment, as well as correcting many of the lasting impacts of work undertaken during the Victorian period. Over time, the natural environment such as wind, rain snow and especially frost, have an impact of the stonework that gradually causes it to fracture and in extreme cases, fall from the building.

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Above: Loss of carved detail is significant in many places

Why we need your help?

Lincoln Cathedral is a charitable organisation that is responsible not only for the care of souls, but also for maintaining what is arguably one of the most important pieces of medieval cathedral architecture in the country. The Cathedral has a small endowment which generates income for the ongoing conservation work to the building, but much of the work is funded by grant making Trusts as well as individuals. Without the support of donors such as you, Lincoln Cathedral would not be able to protect the Cathedral for future generations to enjoy.

There are a number of ways you can support the campaign – from signing a stone, through to sponsoring the reconstruction of a pinnacle. Whichever you decide is right for you, we hope to be able to engage you with this glorious building, and the heritage we share through it.

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Above: Severely weathered stone showing a thick crust of pollutant build up in areas protected from water