My daughter and sons

Bless my children, grant them good health and happiness. Help them to navigate the trials of life without losing hope and empathy. Help them to find work that they can enjoy and be successful and independent.


Christian family

Dear Lord,

I pray for your wisdom, guidance and support in reuniting all of the family of Christ together, to worship, to pray, to sing and to share in the Lord's supper, as one body in Christ.

In particular I pray that the Anglican Communion and the Roman Catholic Church continue their dialogue in seeking to resolve differences and to renew our common focus in being followers of Christ.



Kathleen Smyth

Lord, we pray that Kathleen, our erstwhile church warden, may be restored to health after her tumble. Lord, please be with her and strengthen her in this time of trial. Amen

Ballyphilip Parish, Down & Dromore