My husband, son and late father in law and my father

Dear God, please give comfort to my husband and son who during these sad times lost a wonderful father and grandfather. Please look after my father in law and my father knowing they afe not in pain anymore.
My thoughts are with everyone during this past year….light is at the end of the tunnel

Say tattersall

Volunteers, staff and clergy at Lincoln Cathedral

Loving God be in the hearts and minds of all in Lincoln Cathedral who are witnesses to your everlasting love. As we prepare to welcome visitors to the Cathedral help us to share our ministry through the beauty and history of this Holy place. Lord in your mercy, Hear our prayer.


Michael Toffee ,Fudge and everyone i know

Dear God please help Michael to attain what he needs in his life for he is a good man please help Toffee and Fudge be healthy and well please allow everyone i know and everyone i dont know be healthy and well amen


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