My mum, Irene

Happy birthday mum. Love and miss you xx



We pray for our loved man, we pray to give him strength and we pray for him to heal. We pray he has complete recovery and regains a healthy, full and happy life. We pray he continues to know and to feel our love, our connection, our invisible string, every minute of every hour, always, whatever separates us.
We pray for our loved man.

Emma and Joel

Everybody involved

Dear Friends, 

Would You be able to organise people to pray for an END to the WAR in AFGANISTAN,  please?

They have been killing one another there for over 19 YEARS !!! 

Why don’t we ask our Lord to help them end the war, shall we?

Thank You for Your help and understanding and support. 

Your friend in faith, 


Slawek Gawlik

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