Good evening, Church. I need the entire Church to pray that I recover my box full of pre recorded Mini DV Tapes that has so many sentimental memories. I need you all to pray that I recover the Mini DV Tapes in whatever kind of way I can cause it's hurting me that I do not have them right now. Whether from the person that stole them or he sold it to a thrift store or on a website where it will be available online for me to purchase them all back. Cause something is telling me in my heart that he did not throw them all away. Please pray that I get these Mini DV Tapes back if you can. Thank you in advance.

Theo Nemeth


Dear Lord, Please look after my husband and give him strength to deal with the difficult few months ahead. Please also keep his family in your thoughts and prayers.

Karen Whyborn


Daniel, you are facing a very difficult time at the moment, you are in my thoughts

Callum Montgomery

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