Science by Luxmuralis

Following sell-out shows in February 2023, Luxmuralis is back with Science; an immersive show which is designed to enable people to explore and contemplate the contributions of science and human understanding of the physical world around us.

The installation will see the cathedral transformed into a fully immersive artwork exploring Chemistry and Biology and interprets artistically the scale of molecules cells and DNA as well as exploring the history of science, the contributions of science to humanity, and offers a reflection upon famous scientists past and present.

Science by Luxmuralis will run from Tuesday 12 to Saturday 16 March 2024, with several performances per evening. Booking is essential and tickets are now on sale!

Time slots: 7pm, 7.15pm, 7.30pm, 7.45pm, 8pm, 8.15pm, 8.30pm, 8.45pm, 9pm, 9.15pm, 9.30pm


We are pleased to offer carer/companion tickets free of charge. If you wish to book a companion ticket, please call us on 01522 561 644 or 01522 561632 and we’d be happy to arrange this for you.


Book your tickets
Early shows are selling out fast. Please see later time slots for availability.

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Frequently Asked Questions
  • Does the show last for 15 minutes?

No – each arrival time slot is 15 minutes. The experience takes most people around 50 minutes but you can spend as long as you like!

  • Is it suitable for children?

Absolutely! Children are often mesmerised by the lights. The sound can be quite loud so we do recommend ear defenders for little ones who are sensitive to noise.

  • Is it accessible?

Yes. The Cathedral floor is fully accessible.

  • Can I sit on the floor?

There are two areas of the cathedral where you are encouraged to sit and take it all in! The East End and the Nave have the longest loops – around 15 minutes and lots of people sit on the floor to enjoy it. We just ask to be mindful of walkways and keep bags etc tight to you.

  • Can I bring a bag?

Please keep bags to a minimum. Large bags may be subject to a bag check by one of our staff prior to entry.

  • Can I bring my dog?

We ask that all dogs (with the exception of service dogs) stay at home.

  • Will the cafe and shop be open?

Yes  – our visitor centre is open until 10pm.

  • Which times are the best?

For families, we recommend the earlier slots. The latest slots are also brilliant as there are fewer people and there’s something special about being last!


Tickets are sold as non-returnable and non-refundable.

This programme is subject to change with no notice. We reserve the right to cancel this event. If we do need to cancel all tickets will be refunded.

This event is run through the Lincoln Cathedral Learning, Arts, Culture and Events CIO. Registered charity in England and Wales 1175597. Registered Address 4 Priorygate, Lincoln, LN2 1PL. Raising funds for Lincoln Cathedral.