One Off Donation

It costs over £5 million per year to fully sustain the life, building, music and mission of Lincoln Cathedral.

A large proportion of the funds needed to meet this bill comes from individual donors such as you. Without this generosity, Lincoln’s exquisite medieval Cathedral would face an uncertain and insecure future.

A one off donation can contribute a great deal to the running of the Cathedral. With so many demands being placed on available funds, every donation helps secure Lincoln Cathedral for future generations.

You can choose a specific area you wish to support or allow the Cathedral to allocate the money to the areas of greatest need.

Lincoln Cathedral (General Fund)
This fund allows the Cathedral to allocate your donation to whatever area of the Cathedral has the greatest need at the time.

Cathedral Building (Fabric Fund)
The Fabric Fund supports solely the fabric (building) of Lincoln Cathedral. Work to secure the Cathedral is continuous as the elements impact upon the stone.

Cathedral Library (Library Fund)
The Library Fund supports the conservation of both books and precious medieval manuscripts that are housed in the Library designed by Christopher Wren, as well as contributing towards the educational activities of the Library.

Cathedral Music (Music Fund)
The Music Fund supports the music within the Cathedral from the Choristers to the famous Father Willis Cathedral Organ.

Did you know?
If you donate £120 or more, you will also be offered a complimentary Fellow membership of Lincoln Cathedral for a year. To find out more about the benefits of this membership, please click here.