Lincoln Cathedral Choir is holding voice trials for boys and girls currently in years 2-4 wishing to be considered as Choristers for our September 2024 intake.
Auditions, which are informal in nature, generally last between 10-15 minutes and will take place on Friday 21 June from 3.30pm at our Song School.
The Director of Music is looking for children with a love of singing. Whilst previous experience of singing or playing an instrument is welcome, it is by no means essential.
All prospective Choristers will be asked to:
• participate in a warm up;
• sing back pitches played to them on the piano;
• sing scales (no previous experience necessary);
• clap back a rhythm clapped to them;
• read out loud a passage from a book, which will be given to them in the audition;
• play a piece on your instrument (if you already play one);
• sing a song of their choice (please provide the music)
A conversation between Cathedral Music staff, the prospective Chorister and their parent(s)/guardian(s) forms the final part of the process.
To register your interest and to book an audition time please contact