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Bishop’s Eye Sterling Silver Earrings


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Two great rose windows face one another across the north-south transept of Lincoln Cathedral.  The north rose is known as the Dean’s Eye and the south rose as the Bishop’s Eye.  They were first made in the early 13th century and are described in the contemporary Life of St Hugh of Lincoln as “the two eyes of the church”.

As “north represents the devil, and south the Holy Spirit,” it goes on, “it is in these directions that the two eyes look.  The bishop faces the south in order to invite in, and the dean the north in order to shun; the one takes care to be saved, the other takes care not to perish. With these Eyes the cathedral’s face is on watch for the lights of Heaven and the darkness of Oblivion.

Inspired by the the tracery of the Bishop’s Eye window the sterling silver earrings measure 1.5cm in diameter and hang on sterling silver hooks.  They come in a presentation black gift box, are exclusive to Lincoln Cathedral and make a perfect companion to the Bishop’s Eye Pendant.


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