Fundraising Newsletter | Winter 2023

Fundraising Newsletter

Winter 2023

Welcome to the first of our new quarterly Fundraising Newsletters with this Winter 2023 edition. This is an opportunity for us to update you on the projects we have ongoing at present, as well as set the scene for future projects, and opportunities.

This edition will update you on the works taking place on the Chapter House and in the Wren Library, as well as with the Cathedral Choir. We hope that you’ll find it engaging and informative, both in its content and as a tool that signposts you to information about what we are doing and ways you can engage and support heritage, music and the Cathedral.

Matthew Tarling & Amber Hardy
Lincoln Cathedral Fundraising



Chapter House Appeal

Project: Lincoln Cathedral Chapter House Conservation
Details: Conservation and repair of external stonework
Estimated cost: Circa £1,650,000
Duration: Summer 2021 to Spring 2025

View the Chapter House Appeal web page
Chapter House Appeal Update

Phase one of the Chapter House project is now nearing its anticipated completion in the spring of 2024, from where there will be a seamless shift into phase two focussed the northern side of the Chapter House. The project thus far has been a huge success, as the Works Department stonemasons team have diligently laboured to create new ashlars (the large rectangular stone blocks) as well as detailed decorative carved stones to adorn the upper levels and pinnacles of the building. With the benefit of having the scaffold in place, the Cathedral architect and Works Department have also identified that a significant amount of additional work needing to be undertaken to the upper level, focussed on the gutter and concrete retaining ring that helps hold the walls firmly in place.

We have been incredibly fortunate to have been awarded a significant grant of £150,000.00 in May 2023 from the Garfield Weston Foundation towards phase one this project, and more recently, a grant of £35,000 from The Headley Trust for phase two.

In total we have received around £22,000.00 of project specific donations from individuals towards the Chapter House with an additional amount pledged by local Trusts and individuals. This means that although we have raised around £200,000.00 for this project, we still have a long way to go until we can cover the anticipated cost of circa £1.65milion.

I’d like to take this opportunity to thank everyone who has supported this project so far, but as you can see, we still have a long way to go, and a lot of additional funding to raise. Every pound donated really does directly help us fund this conservation and repair work.

Matthew Tarling
Fundraising Manager

Donate to the Chapter House Appeal

Above: The stonemasons have removed a stone from the Chapter House that had failed. A newly carved stone will be expertly set in the space.

Donate to the Chapter House Appeal

Above: One of the Cathedral’s conservators cleaning biological build-up from the exterior face of the stonework using the ‘therm’ cleaning system. This system uses steam mixed with a light abrasive. It gently removes biological material without damage the stonework.

Donate to the Chapter House Appeal
Have you thought about sponsoring a stonemason?

It’s a direct and satisfying way to support both heritage skills, as well as the Chapter House Appeal. It’s also an interesting gift for someone who is passionate about the Cathedral, heritage or heritage skills.

Sponsor a Stonemason for 20 minutes

Sponsor a Stonemason for 20 minutes.

Sponsor 20 minutes for £10
Sponsor a Stonemason for 40 minutes

Sponsor a Stonemason for 40 minutes.

Sponsor 40 minutes for £20
Sponsor a Stonemason for one hour

Sponsor a Stonemason for 1 hour.

Sponsor 1 hour for £30


Lincoln Cathedral Membership

Support the Cathedral with a membership

A Cathedral membership is an ideal way to directly support the Cathedral, and every membership comes with a unique suite of benefits.* For whatever reason you choose to become a member of Lincoln Cathedral, we thank you for your support and look forward to welcoming you to this great Cathedral church. We have 3 membership levels for you to choose from, which means you have the flexibility to select a membership that best suits your need. You can find out more about the benefits of each membership level below, and also set up a donation plan that works for you.

*All benefits are subject to availability.

Amber Hardy
Fundraising Officer


Lincoln Cathedral Music Fund

The Lincoln Cathedral Music Fund was formed with a specific purpose in mind – to raise enough money to be able to provide an endowment to ensure the high level of musical excellence long into the future. This includes Choristership endowments and bursaries that provide young people with the opportunity to sing and grow as musicians, under the guidance of the experienced and caring staff of the Lincoln Cathedral Music Department.

“To sing is to pray twice” – St Augustine of Hippo

Music Fundraising Update

This autumn has been a successful season for the Music Fund. It started with a ‘Summer Concert’ kindly hosted by Aubourn Hall, and arranged by the volunteers of the Music Fund. The hall and grounds were the perfect setting for the choir to perform for a large gathered audience, and raise funds to support music at Lincoln Cathedral. Since then the choir have been busy rehearsing and playing an important role as their voices lift our collective expression of worship heavenwards during services.

Did you know?

Music is an expensive cost to the Cathedral costing in the region of £450,000.00 per year. A large part of this is made up of providing young people the opportunity to become part of the choir. When the choir is at full strength (20 boys and 20 girls), it costs £7,340 per chorister per year (at 2022 costings).

This cost is paid for in a number of ways:

  • Regular donors to the Music Fund
  • Collections taken weekday evensong services
  • Donations of Chorister medallion endowments
  • Donations of Chorister bursaries
  • One off donations to ‘Choristerships’
  • Income from the small endowment

Matthew Tarling
Fundraising Manager

The Imp and Hugh Choristership Bursaries

These are funded by donations from £1 upwards. It’s an easy way to support the choir’s young musicians.

Donate to the Imp and Hugh Choristerships
Named Choristership Bursary

A Named Choristership Bursary supports the full cost of a choristership for one year (£7,350 at 2022 costings). Should you be able to support one of these, it will be given out at the Choristership Celebration Service in January in your name, or a name of your choosing, and to which you will be invited to make the presentation should you wish.

Named Choristership Endowment

A Named Choristership Endowment gives you the reassurance of knowing that a chorister will wear a named Medallion in your name for perpetuity. If you are interested in this opportunity, please contact Matthew Tarling, the Fundraising Manager on 01522 561614, or speak to the Precentor after a service.

We currently have only a very limited number of endowment opportunities remaining, so please, if this interests you, pledge or donate before all the opportunities are taken.

The choir needs more young singers

A Chorister is a member of a Cathedral choir between eight and thirteen years of age. The life of a chorister is both enriching and vibrant, as you can imagine these individuals need the drive and commitment to become one.

Choristers are required to sing most evenings during term time; their schedules become more active during the run up to Christmas and Easter.

We currently have some vacancies for individuals who could benefit from the world-class training that being a chorister provides and the unmatched opportunities it brings! Our Director of Music and Master of the Choristers, Mr Aric Prentice, is always happy to hear from children in years 3, 4, and 5 who have a passion for music.

To find out more about the Cathedral’s choirs and choristers, watch the video or click on the link below.

Amber Hardy
Fundraising Officer

Find out more about being a chorister


Can you volunteer to support the Fabric Fund?

Lincoln Cathedral Fabric Fund Volunteer

If you have time and skills that you would like to use to help fundraise for the fabric (building) of Lincoln Cathedral, we’d love to hear from you. We have groups of fundraisers that cover the north of the county, as well as in the south, east and City of Lincoln.
Pease initially contact the Fundraising Manager, Matthew Tarling, to discuss opportunities by email to:, or by calling 01522 561614.

Lincoln Cathedral follows a safer recruitment process. All volunteers will need to complete this process before they can begin in a volunteer role.

Matthew Tarling
Fundraising Manager


Wren Library Repairs

Project: Lincoln Cathedral Wren Library Ceiling
Details: Roof trusses and ceiling plasterwork repairs and enhanced digital accessibility
Estimated Cost: Expected to come in around £450,000
Duration: Spring 2022 to Autumn 2024

View the Wren Library Repairs page
Wren Library Update

The Cathedral’s team of joiners have spent a great deal of time securing the ceiling of the Wren Library. At the time of writing all but one of the cracked joists are now supported by the new steelwork that both supports the joist, as well as taking the load of the roof and distributing that to the exterior walls.

At present, we are still scoping the full extent of work that needs to be undertaken as part of this wider project, but it will likely include a new dehumidifier system to maintain the required levels of relative humidity, as well as some extensive works to the floor to remove plastic sheeting installed in the past to prevent upward ingress of moisture, as well as adding new improved insulation.

By clicking  the ‘donate’ button below, you can make a donation to this important project, helping to repair and reinstate the Wren Library both for the return of the books, but importantly enabling people to once again enjoy visiting this exquisite space.

Amber Hardy
Fundraising Officer



Stone Adoptions

Give a gift that will last a lifetime… and more.

By adopting a stone you become part of the history of the Cathedral and help to ensure that it can be enjoyed by future generations.

It’s a perfect gift to mark a significant occasion – a birth, birthday or anniversary.

Find out more

Glass Adoptions

Bring light into someone’s life with a unique gift from Lincoln Cathedral.

Lincoln Cathedral is home to 140 unique stained glass windows, including rare 13th century glass to modern day work. By adopting a section of glass at Lincoln Cathedral you are not only giving a unique gift, but also supporting the important conservation and restoration work of our glazing department.

Find our more

Pipe Adoptions

Adopting a pipe is a fabulous way to support the Music Fund and know that your donation is going towards the conservation of the organ.

Ideal as gifts for music lovers, or to commemorate a special or family occasion, we have a pipe for you!

Find out more

Book & Manuscript Page Adoptions

Are you looking for a gift for a book lover, but don’t want to over-burden their already heaving shelves? We might have the perfect answer!

Lincoln Cathedral Library is home to stunning selection of rare books. By adopting a book you are helping to preserve the collection and the libraries of Lincoln Cathedral.


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Can you help our Facilities Team?

Can you help us get new grass cutting equipment?

The Lincoln Cathedral Facilities Team work everyday to ensure that the Cathedral and our facilities across the estate, are regularly maintained to create a world class environment for everyone to enjoy. To help maintain the grounds, the Facilities Team are in need of some equipment.

Our gardens and grounds are tended by one member of staff and a small number of dedicated volunteers. The existing lawn mower that the Cathedral has is now end-of-life, and is in dire need of replacement. Now is an ideal opportunity to improve the standard of the equipment we have freeing up time from grass-cutting that can be employed elsewhere within the gardens and grounds.

The current lawnmower is a self-propelled walk along mower with a 28″ cutting diameter. There is a great deal of grass that needs cutting, and this equipment means it takes a great deal of time to achieve. Ideally, the Cathedral would like to acquire a motorised sit-on mower (new or pre-owned) as well as a new self-propelled walk along mower, thereby improving use of resource freeing up time to spend on enhancing the green setting around the Cathedral.

Please see below for some examples of the type of equipment the Facilities Team need. If you can or would like to donate equipment or funds towards a purchase, please contact Matthew Tarling by calling 01522 561614, or by emailing

Thank you,

Matthew Tarling
Fundraising Manager

John Deere X350R

£8,340 (new)

Engine power At 3100 rpm, 14.1 kW
Engine manufacturer/model FR651V
Transaxle type K46 hydrostatic integrated with transmission
Transaxle control Twin Touch™ pedals
Rear tires 20×10-8
Lift system type Foot pedal with non-adjustable spring assist, optional adjustable spring assist kit available (required for snow blower use)
Cutting width 107 cm
42 in.


2015 John Deere X590

£4,995 (pre-owned)

Engine power At 3250 rpm, 16.7 kW
Engine manufacturer/model FS730 EFI
Transaxle type K72 hydrostatic integrated with transmission
Transaxle control Twin Touch™ pedals
Rear tires 24×12-12 turf
Lift system type Hydraulic power
Cutting width 122, 137 cm
48, 54 in.
Hayter self-propelled lawnmower

There’s little that’s more satisfying than seeing a well tended lawn with an even stripe. The gardener needs a new self propelled lawnmower to make sure the lawn look their very best. This type of machine allows for detailed work and that all important striped lawn giving the extra wow factor.

The team have researched the options, and this mower makes the cut!

Harrier 48 Petrol Variable Speed Mower

This item has now been funded by a generous donation – Thank You!

Engine power 2.6 kW
Engine manufacturer/model Hayter 1P65FC
Power Source Petrol (Unleaded)
Fuel Tank Capacity 1.0 L
Driving Speed 2.1 – 3.3mph
Positions & Height of Cut 7 (13-60mm)
Grass Bag Capacity 70 L



Thank you for your support!

If you would prefer to make a donation either generally or for any of the projects above by cheque, please send your donation to:

FAO Amber Hardy
Lincoln Cathedral Chapter Office
28 Eastgate

If you wish to donate towards a particular fund or project, make sure you include that in your correspondence to us. Please see the information below about what to make cheques payable to:


Wren Library Repairs | Cheques payable to ‘Lincoln Cathedral Library Fund’

Chapter House Appeal | Payable to ‘Lincoln Cathedral Fabric Fund’

Music | Please make cheques payable to ‘Lincoln Cathedral Music Fund’