In 2008, Photographer Peter Marlow was commissioned by Royal Mail to photograph 6 Anglican Churches to mark the 300th anniversary of St Paul’s Cathedral that were then reproduced as a collection of commemorative stamps. Inspired by the sheer beauty of the cathedrals, Marlow was inspired to photograph all of the Anglican Cathedrals across the country which were then featured in a book titled ‘The English Cathedral’.This touring exhibition was initially begun by Peter prior to his passing and was temporarily paused last year, like so many events due to the pandemic. After an acquisition from the Victoria and Albert museum, the newly established Foundation are now re-awakening Marlow’s work and are touring these photographs across the country – 42 different photographs to represent the 42 Cathedrals of England.

Celebrating the beauty of these historic and iconic buildings, this collaborative exhibition between the Peter Marlow Foundation and Magnum Photos is coming to Lincoln Cathedral. The Chapter House will stage this impressive commemoration by Peter Marlow with all 42 photos on display.

Click here to read more about ‘The English Cathedral’ and for Marlow’s process.

More information to come soon in 2023