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Flaming June Tapestry


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A reproduction of “Flaming June” by Frederic, Lord Leighton (1830-1896)

Of all Frederic Leighton’s paintings, Flaming June (1895) is perhaps the artist’s most recognisable and best loved work.  Although the painting does not tell a specific story, it is clear that the artist is inviting the spectator to contemplate the figure of the sleeping girl.  Some scholars have suggested that this painting is Leighton’s homage to a grand tradition in art history that goes back to Giorgione and Titian, in which images of slumbering womenwere represented.  These sleeping women, who were usually at least partially nude and often referred to by the mythological name Venus, were meant to inspire sensations in their primarily male audiences.  However, the Victorian era is notorious for its outwardly prudish attitudes toward overt sensuality.

Traditional Tapestries were established in 1991 by husband and wife team, Colin and Catherine.  Their workshops and office complex utilise a large converted barn nestling in the Cornish countryside. They are family business employing a local skilled workforce.

All of the tapestry panels and fabrics are imported direct from Master Flemish Weavers, who use modern electronic Jacquard looms utilizing the latest computer technology to create the finest high quality designs. Many designs are reproduced from ancient medieval tapestries, although several new creations are inspired from contemporary art forms. The unfinished tapestry panels are then sent to the UK where they are made into elegant wall tapestries, cushions and bags.

Measures approx. 130cm x 130cm and has a tab on the back to hang using a pole or a rod (sold separately).

Please be aware, delivery of this item can take up to two weeks.

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